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Originally initiated and invested by Sinosteel MECC, Tianyu Intelligent Manufacturing is a high-tech company mainly involved in sectors of 3D printing, metal parts restore and remanufacturing and industrial intelligent system, integrating manufacturing, equipment research and development, as well as technical service. The R&D team consists of leaders from international prestigious university, experts of concerned field and high-educated youth talents, aiming aggressively to be the industry pioneer in high-end intelligent manufacturing equipment and technical service.

l  Customized high-tech service

w   3D printing technology

w   Cladding and re-fabrication

l  Intelligent manufacturing equipments

w   Arc/laser micro casting-forging-milling composite addictive manufacturing equipment

w   Laser cladding and remanufacturing equipment

w   Intelligent arc/laser welding robot

w   Automated stereoscopic warehouse logistics system

l  Technical advantages

w   High performance

w   High efficiency

w   High competitiveness

w   Innovative and revolutionary

l  Applications



                            automobile fender mold                                  gas turbine engine transition section          critical load bearing parts of aircraft


l  Focus on advanced technology                     l  Industrialization -leading investment                   l Capital market leveraging

Beijing ICP No.11020457 Technical support : zc-yd

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